Creative business agency focused on content and entertainment

Creative business agency focused on content and entertainment

where authenticity and business meet to create the future

AFROPUNK’s full-service agency in Brazil

provides a complete set of services to plan, coordinate, and execute all brand aspects in the country, ensuring meticulous planning and execution for memorable experiences.

:: Commercial and creative event production / curatorship, content and experience production / communication and marketing / sponsorship and institutional relations / media partnerships

Influence Marketing Solutions

Effective strategies; prioritizing a personalized and solution-oriented influencer mapping. Beyond numbers, we generate authority – always with highly relevant content and a focus on the uniqueness of each client and target audience. By combining creativity and purpose, we create memorable experiences, and the result of the expertise of a diverse and engaged team is the development of customized solutions, generating impact and transformation.

Influencer campaign mapping and planning / Creative and strategic consulting / Special projects for brands / Content creation and productio

Special content and entertainment projects / think tank

Bringing the concept of a true laboratory of ideas, a creative think tank, we explore possibilities and design tailor-made solutions, understanding that authentic content, technology, versatility and consistency go hand in hand.

Strategic-creative curation / Co-creation / Experiences in music festivals and creative circuits / Connections between talents and brands / We prioritize ideas, we build the formats.


A company created and managed by women, prioritizing connections, truth, diversity, bringing differentiated results, based on consistency and purpose.

Empowering talent, boosting brands and building legacies.

Our approach is built on three core tenets:


underpins our ethos, propelling us towards innovative, customer-centric solutions. We adopt an empathetic, team-based methodology, leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise to generate content and experiences that forge a genuine connection with our audience.

Business Intelligence

powers our decision-making processes, driving growth by leveraging data-driven insights. We believe that data serves as the foundation for a clear and strategic business vision, enabling us to detect patterns and emerging trends while anticipating shifts in the marketplace and customer demands.

Continuous Improvement

prioritizing perpetual learning and improvement across all areas. This ensures that every facet of our business remains in a perpetual state of evolution and adaptive to market changes. Our pursuit of excellence is ongoing, and our drive to generate a beneficial influence inspires us to surpass traditional limits, transforming obstacles into success prospects.


Club Renaissance Brasil

In partnership with TV Globo and Parkwood Entertainment, IDW was the executor of Club Renaissance Brazil. We conducted planning, curation, creative conception, and production of the international event, designed especially for Beyoncé’s biggest fans in the country, and which featured the historic presence of the artist, arriving in the blackest city outside the African continent, Salvador. By seamlessly integrating all elements, we delivered exceptional results and a memorable experience for those in attendance.

The meeting between the queen and her fans reverberated in the most positive way possible in the following months across all media outlets in the country, as well as on social media.

And thus, we made HISTORY!


Como Agência Full Service do AFROPUNK, maior festival de cultura negra do mundo, oferecemos um conjunto completo e abrangente de serviços para planejar, coordenar e executar todas as vertentes da marca no país, garantindo que cada detalhe seja cuidadosamente planejado e executado, criando experiências memoráveis.

  • Creative event production
  • Sponsorships and Institutional Relations
  • Media Partnerships
  • Communication and Marketing
  • Personalized creative and strategic consultancy
  • Curation
  • Content and Experience


With expertise ranging from Influencer Marketing strategies to the production of digital and face-to-face experiences, including major events with purpose, our goal is to develop creative, client-centered solutions. Through an empathetic and collaborative approach, combining interdisciplinary perspectives, diverse backgrounds, and co-creation, we immerse ourselves in ideas, regardless of format, leading to results that establish genuine connections with the audience.


In a campaign designed especially for the connection between the brand and the AFROPUNK Festival, through the media of micro and medium-sized influencers, we genuinely united the vibe between the event, the city and Club Social. The result? Excellent numbers and relevant connections.


impressions for the brand at the Festival



To unite the brand with the project, we came up with the idea of an unusual feat between virtual and real language, bringing together games and music, some movement of real bodies.

We chose dance to establish the link between the two worlds, connecting the impalpable to the accessible, transforming digital reality from within the screens into a live performance in the format of a dance battle, inspired by the aesthetics and attitude of the characters in Valorant.



Creative and strategic consultancy, planning and production of influencer marketing actions. Mapping, hiring and creative direction of creators; development of strategies.

Through culturally relevant conversations, we expanded Chamaê’s reach with influencers from different niches, delivering synergy with each topic addressed, with a focus on truth and relevance.

A diverse squad, led by Black, Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ people, with different experiences, generating excellent results, bringing diversity in its most diverse expressions.



Creative and content consultancy involving advertising campaigns, live shows and content for social networks, in partnership with Wunderman Thompson and Avon.